Property / Service #1

Property for rent. all our friends, club card holders can use the service at a discount %.Our first direction.Our group VK

Company / Service #2

Regardless of whether you need to create a new website or host an existing one, our team of professionals he will do it at the highest level and in a short time. Entrust your platform to the real masters of your business — AvaHost! In addition to loyal and affordable rates, you can find our full list of services for creating or improving websites. Our company closely cooperates not only with clients of the CIS countries. In order for our work to bring more convenience to customers, we offer hosting in professional data centers, as in Russia, so it is in other countries of the world: the United States, Germany.

Private business / Service #3


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AVAHOST  Website hosting Website hosting (or "virtual hosting") is the most popular, simple and inexpensive type of hosting. In this case, the sites of different clients are located on the same physical server. Hosting supports PHP, MySQL, any CMS (WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, Joomla!, Drupal, etc.), scripts, and other modern technologies, it is ideal for 95% of all customers. ONLY ON AVAHOST Professional server equipment and data centers in three countries. Your site is always online-otherwise we will refund your money!



Accounting consulting

Accounting, consulting on accounting issues, reporting and paying the tax .We will help you prepare accounting and tax reports. This is a great opportunity to find the right solution for certain tasks without expanding the staff.