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Three books plus one bonus for the price of one very useful book on internet marketing.
that will help you quickly earn and raise your skill .400$

APPLE in Aliexpress

WEB-developer 2020

Learn everything you need to create web sites and start making money on it!
  • What you will learn You will learn the basics of web development: what is a web site, why it is needed, creation cycles, and much more You will learn how to work with image editors in the context of layout: Photoshop, Zeplin, Figma, Avocode... Learn how to work with graphics for the web, including SVG Learn and understand how to use HTML and CSS in real projects (theory + real practice) Learn the basics of JS and Jquery and learn how to apply them in your projects Learn how to work with Git and GitHub Learn how to work with Bootstrap 4 and FlexBox technology Learn how to use Sass/Scss/Less preprocessors in your projects
  • (old price 200$)  now 50$